Where Can I Rent Wheelchair Accessible Vans?

Whether you currently are in need of a wheelchair accessible van rental or you just want to learn more about rentals for future needs, knowing some insider tips can help the process run a little more smoothly. Finding the most reliable and affordable place to rent wheelchair accessible vans can be overwhelming and complicated.

In the beginning, it can be quite a handful. From knowing which vehicle is best, to where to rent from; it is a lot to consider.

Despite how difficult it may seem in the beginning, it is possible to have a good understanding of your options when it comes to wheelchair vans and the renting process.

To learn everything there is you need to know about wheelchair accessible van rental, as well as why Newby Vance is the best choice for you, continue reading.

Safety Comes First

Besides knowing what different types of wheelchair accessible vans are out there, knowing which ones are the safest is very important. There are a variety of different wheelchair vans, so figuring out which are the safest can be hard.

According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards here is a list of reliable wheelchair vehicles that have received excellent safety ratings

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vans 

Before renting, knowing the different kinds of wheelchair-accessible vans is important. This will help prepare you for the renting process.

There are two common van types:

  • Rear entry wheelchair vans
  • Side entry wheelchair vans

Rear entry vans have more space and provide comfort, which is perfect for families with a wheelchair-bound family member. Side entry vans are the best option for those who are wheelchair-bound themselves but are still able to drive.

There are a variety of features, as well as pros and cons for each individual vehicle. Learning about the information on each type of vehicle will help you have a better idea of what you are looking for.

Features in Wheelchair Vans

Along with a basic understanding of each van, knowing what features you need in your wheelchair van will be helpful in the renting process for both yourself and us.

Checking that all the features you need are available in your desired van will make the process of renting much easier. This is important, because there may be times where the vehicle you want does not have all your needed features included.

Creating a list of features for yourself will help you choose the best wheelchair-accessible van for you and your specific needs.

Wheelchair Van Rental

After you have prepared and educated yourself on these vehicles, now it is time for you to book your rental van.

When you get to our rental page you’ll be able to fill out our online form so we can get in touch with you to answer any remaining questions you may have as well as get you started on renting a van.

Soon, you will be contacted and then we will help you choose from our wheelchair-accessible vans for rent.

Renting: Affordable and Convenient

Renting is a great option for people searching for temporary wheelchair accessible transportation.

Buying a wheelchair van can be very expensive. Renting a van is more cost-friendly. Not only is this option affordable, but it can help those looking into buying a van in the future.

Choosing a vehicle can be hard, especially for a vehicle that is as complex as these vans. Being able to test the best options for your travel needs is going to help make choosing the right van much easier. 

Why Choose Newby Vance?

Newby Vance is an excellent choice for your wheelchair van rental needs! We offer a variety of van choices. 


We will work with you to find a van that has your needed and desired features. 

In our inventory, each wheelchair van has individual information on its performance, technology, convenience, and safety. Browsing our inventory will help you figure out what exactly you are looking to rent from us.


Newby Vance provides affordable renting options whether you are going to buy a wheelchair van from us or not. 

We offer short-term renting for those that would like to test out different kinds of vans to possibly buy in the near future. Long-term renting is also available for those who prefer to just rent, rather than buy a van.

Both of these options are low-cost and convenient.


Whether you are buying or renting from us, worrying about costs can be stressful. We will work with you on finding the most cost-friendly options for you! 

When you are booking your rental, mention any financial questions or concerns you have, we are more than happy to help.


Quality service is something we are proud to have, you can see our reviews speak for our service! 

We have two locations, and both of these locations will meet your mobility and automotive needs. Because we are a smaller dealership with only two locations, this gives us the chance to work with our customers one on one personally so we can get to know you better. 

Our employees not only are experts in these wheelchair-accessible vans but they are motivated in helping our customers with any other questions they may have.

Rent with Confidence

Finding wheelchair accessible vans should not be difficult or overwhelming. Everyone deserves to have access to transportation that fits their needs and accommodations.

After reading all about these vans, you have already made the first step in the renting process; preparation.

Having the knowledge of wheelchair van rental and renting from Newby Vance will make the process simple and less stressful. We are here to help you along in the entire renting process.

Visit our website to learn more about the services and inventory we offer, and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have with wheelchair van renting.