Transfer Seating Oklahoma

Power 6 Way Transfer Seat Base

B&D Independence manufactures driver and passenger transfer seat bases in the driver and passenger positions in many different makes of wheelchair accessible minivans and full size vans. B&D works closely with the wheelchair van conversion companies to understand their design requirements.

Transfer to-from The Driver or Passenger Seat from your Wheelchair or Scooter

Safety, ease of use and reliability are the primary goals that go into every B&D Independence design. Another B&D design goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce vehicle or seat base modifications at the time of installation; older model vehicles can present additional application or installation challenges.

Why Choose a B&D Transfer Seat?

  • Over 250 different transfer base configurations
  • Straight-Forward Installation
  • Base mounts to floor without drilling holes (in most applications)
  • Direct mount design allows you to remove (if needed) the transfer base and return the seat to OEM, which can mean a higher resale value for your vehicle
  • Choice of colors
  • Stronger and quieter
  • In the past 21 years, Newby-Vance has installed more B&D Transfer Seat Bases in Oklahoma than any other dealer

The B&D Independence Passive Interlock is designed with your safety in mind. It is standard on all B&D Comfort 61 Transfer Seat Bases.

The Passive Interlock ensures that the Transfer Seat Base is returned to the driving position, which allows the Seat Belt and Air Bag Systems to function as designed.

Once the vehicle is in operation, the Interlock prevents the Transfer Seat Base from accidental movement.

For your comfort, the driving position offers a range of crash tested positions.  This range includes:

  • Any up/down position
  • Between 0″ and 4” back from the full-forward position

The Passive Interlock System includes an override switch placed below the switch box which is mounted on the Transfer Seat Base.

In the event of an emergency, the override switch can be activated to move the Transfer Seat Base when the vehicle ignition is on, allowing you to readjust your position or relocate the Transfer Seat Base to a transferring position.

An audible indicator will sound during the duration of the override’s use; the audible indicator will also sound to alert you when the Transfer Seat Base is not within the required Driving position, a safety feature.