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Regular Service Maintenance

Newby-Vance Mobility highly recommends regular maintenance for your safety and to avoid any unexpected problems during daily usage of your wheelchair lift, wheelchair accessible van adaptive driving equipment. At a minimum, this service is recommended every 6 months, and in some cases where a high tech driving system is involved, every 90 days. Newby-Vance Mobility cares about your equipment’s reliability and service. We are proud to provide our online automatic service reminder application that will email you reminders about regular maintenance. Sign up today using the form below and eliminate the risk of forgetting about regular maintenance.

Services We Perform

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Adaptive Equipment Warranty Work
  • Adaptive Equipment Service and Repair
  • Full Automotive Warranty, Maintenance and Repair (John Vance Auto Group)
  • Fully Accredited Body Shop & Dent Repair (John Vance Auto Group)
  • Tire Repair or Replacement (John Vance Auto Group)

Regular Service Maintenance

The entire list of all services we perform could go on for multiple pages. If you have a wheelchair accessible van that needs to be modified or repaired, we can assist you! Our fully trained Mobility and Automotive Technicians specialize in mobility vehicles of most makes and models. There is no project to big or too small.

Is it time to service your mobility van?

You may need to have your oil changed and your tires checked and rotated, or your air conditioner serviced. And, a tune-up may be on the schedule. Your wheelchair or scooter is ready to go. You are all set, right? But wait….your adaptive equipment, your lift or ramp, is due for a check and service? Call us for an appointment and have all of this done, quickly and competently at our single location. How much more convenient can it get?

You should have your wheelchair accessible van serviced every six months by a qualified mobility and auto professional. To keep the warranties intact, every piece of equipment requires actual maintenance, often at different times. All equipment needs to be inspected for damage and wear, alignment, proper lubrication and operation. Electrical wiring checks include frayed wires and loose connections. It all needs to be cleaned, adjusted and lubricated.

If you are unable to find your warranty that lists the schedule for each piece of equipment, check with a Newby-Vance Mobility specialist to identify the specific warranty requirements for your equipment.

Van Equipment To-Do List:

Keep the inside clean and free of debris and dust – give your equipment a chance to work properly.

Vacuum the bottom door track of your van every few weeks so leaves and debris don’t build up. Debris in the bottom track will cause the door motor to work harder and even weaken or wear out prematurely. Ensure that drain holes are free of debris.

Regular maintenance on the ramp or lift is critical and it can help avoid costly repairs. Keep those service dates handy by writing them on your calendar so you don’t forget. Your vehicle and equipment will perform more reliably, last longer, and it will be worth more at trade-in time.

To Keep Equipment Running Smoothly, A Certified Professional Inspects, Adjusts and Services The Following:

  • Ramp or lift hinges
  • Hand and accelerator Controls
  • Left foot accelerators
  • Power doors or automatic ramp doors
  • Power kneeling actuator assemblies
  • Batteries for FOB Remotes
  • EZ Lock Systems
  • Power swivel seat bases
  • Bruno Valet seats
  • Scooter and wheelchair Lifts

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