Why Newby-Vance Mobility Does Not Post Prices Online

Bill asks Sam, Hey Sam what does one of those Hitch-Mounted Lifts Cost?  Sam responds, Well Bill, I can tell you that the price range on those types of lifts is $650-$3,400.  Bill says, I need to know exactly what one costs!  Sam:  Ok, I can provide you with that cost but first we need to determine exactly what your needs are, then we can determine your specific costs.  Bill in his frustration says, Well Sam this sounds like a run-a-round to me.  Sam responds:  Bill, here are a few questions we need to address before we can affix a price to the Hitch-Mounted Lift that you want:

  • What is the make and model of your vehicle?
  • What is its tongue weight rating?
  • Is it compatible with a Class I, Class II or Class III hitch?
  • Does your vehicle already have a hitch installed?
  • What is the make and model of your scooter or wheel chair?
    • How much does it weigh?
    • How wide is it?  How long is it? How tall is it?
  • Who will be operating this lift?
  • Is the vehicle capable of safely carrying this much weight on a hitch?
  • How does this application affect the handling characteristics of this vehicle?

Sam to Bill, Bill, Your answers to these questions now tell me that there are three different lifts that will work for your particular wheel chair and vehicle.  Each lift requires a differing level of physical ability in order to operate them.  Now we need to determine which lift is best suited to your ability to operate it.  Bill, Wow!  I didn’t realize how important it is to match a particular lift with my specific needs and abilities.  And, I can now see that I will be unable to use this type of lift.  What else can we consider?

Bill and Sam now move on to other possibilities and alternatives to a hitch-mounted lift.

This same conversation can apply to almost any transportation-related mobility product, including hand controls, special transfer seating, left foot accelerators, and just as importantly – if not more so, Wheel Chair Accessible Vans.  Newby-Vance Mobility (NVM) believes that to post exact prices of every available scenario would be at a minimum confusing and meaningless, and more importantly, can be utterly misleading.

People often focus on What does something cost?  Without knowing whether or not that that something can meet their needs.  Obviously, cost is ultimately important, but until a solid needs assessment has been completed, cost doesn’t have much real meaning.  Only after cost can be associated with a proper needs assessment, can cost become meaningful.

This is why NVM does not post its mobility equipment or mobility van prices online.  We have been in business for over 22 years.  It is our philosophy to make every effort to meet your unique and individualized needs, and once your needs are identified, the associated costs can and will then be clearly, and fairly, determined.  You, the customer, can then be assured that your decision will result in an improved quality of life for you and your family. Contact us today for a needs assessment.

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