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Accelerator and Hand Controls for Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs

Hand controls

Newby-Vance Mobility Installs and Services most every make of Hand and Accelerator Controls, Left Foot Accelerators and other driving adaptations such as Accelerator or Brake Blocks. There are several different styles of hand and accelerator controls available, just as there are many different reasons why you may need these types of controls. If you are a first-time user, you must first determine what style of control operation is necessary for you. If you have been driving with hand and accelerator controls for a long time, then you already have an idea of your needs and preferences. If this is the beginning of the road for you, Newby-Vance strongly recommends that you contact a professional driver evaluator to help determine what will work best for you. Having a professional evaluation assists you in gaining the confidence needed to drive with hand and accelerator controls, but just as importantly, helps you make sure that you are not spending hundreds if not thousands more than what is necessary. Once the make, and model of control is determined, you are on your way to regaining the freedom of driving where you want when you want!

Factory Certified Hand and Accelerator Control Technicians

Hand controls

Newby-Vance Mobility has the expertise and experience to install most steering and brake adaptations, including pedal extensions , into many different vehicles.

Driving With Hand Controls Made Easy

Newby-Vance Mobility offers hand and steering controls, extension controls, and left foot accelerators. Well-selected mobility products are user-friendly to learn to operate. Properly selected, and properly installed, and with proper training from a professional driver evaluator, hand and accelerator controls are comfortable and minimize muscle fatigue. Pedal extenders are available to assist drivers of varying heights to properly reach the brake and accelerator pedals.

Contact us today at (405) 282-2113 and inquire about any one of available driving-related mobility products for your vehicle:

Accelerator and Hand Controls

  • Push Rock
  • Right Angle
  • Push Pull
  • Right Hand Gas and Brake
  • Throttle Twist

Driving Adaptations

  • Steering Spinner Knobs and Steering Controls
  • Hand Control Multi-Function Buttons
  • 4 Way Switches
  • Multi-Function Spinner Knobs
  • Gear Shift Extensions
  • Turn Signal Cross-Overs
  • Parking Brake Extensions
  • Electric Park Brakes

Foot Controls

  • Pedal Extensions
  • Gas and Brake Pedal Guards
  • Gas Only Pedal Guards
  • Left Foot Accelerators

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