The Newby-Vance Mobility Lifetime Powertrain Protection Gaurantee

Newby-Vance Powertrain Protection

Are you or someone in your family looking for a mobility van? If so, think Newby Vance Mobility. We are a family owned business and have been helping Oklahoma families like yours for nearly a quarter of a century.

Why buy your mobility van at Newby Vance Mobility? One big reason is the Newby Vance Mobility lifetime powertrain guarantee. It covers the engine, transmission, and all other powertrain components. These are the repairs that cost the big bucks once your new mobility vehicle warranty ends, or if you don’t have our lifetime guarantee. The Newby Vance lifetime powertrain guarantee costs nothing on new and pre-owned vehicles purchased at the Newby Vance Mobility store in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

For pre-owned mobility vans, our lifetime powertrain guarantee covers vehicles with less than 90,000 miles when purchased and 9 years or newer. And best of all, it’s good as long as you own that vehicle, no matter how many miles you drive it. So why would you buy a new or pre-owned mobility van without it?

See our website for specifics or give us a call at Newby Vance Mobility in Guthrie.