Providing Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Vans in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.

Newby-Vance Mobility (NVM) offers Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair accessible vans converted by the two industry-leading manufacturers, BraunAbility and VMI.  Not only does NVM offer these conversion solutions, NVM is a part of the John Vance Auto Group family of franchised Chrysler/Dodge automobile dealerships that ensures our customers have access to the very best of service.  Newby-Vance Mobility is certified to service and repair your Grand Caravan and its mobility conversion and mobility equipment within the franchised Dodge/Chrysler service center — we can take care of your Grand Caravan and its mobility adaptations all at a single location!  One-Stop Sales and Service makes your life easier with less stress and hassle.

BraunAbility has over 45 years of mobility expertise.  Braun is dedicated to building the very best wheelchair lifts for full-size vans, and the very best wheelchair accessible vans on the market.  BraunAbility builds products that are engineered to last and supports a nationwide dealer network; this means that you can take a long road trip and be confident that if you need service or repair along the way, there will be a BraunAbility dealer to get you back on the road.  This network of BraunAbility dealers can also increase your sense of long distance travel security.  Newby-Vance Mobility is proud to be a BraunAbility dealer in Oklahoma for over 22 years.

VMI takes great pride in building leading-edge mobility products that meet the needs people with transportation-related mobility needs. Throughout its long history, VMI has constantly innovated and worked to improve its products and service.

As you can see below, BraunAbility and VMI adapt the Grand Caravan with varying mobility models and conversion dimensions.  Each company has different models with varying options and dimensions depending on the particular model and vehicle configuration. Each wheelchair and scooter user’s needs are unique — this necessitates a thorough analysis to determine the most appropriate mobility van and equipment to meet these needs.  There are many factors that must be considered before purchasing a wheel chair accessible vehicle.   Contact our mobility sales specialist for a needs analysis today.

Here are a select few of questions that must be considered – the answers to these questions can dramatically impact which particular model of wheelchair accessible van or mobility equipment is best suited to meet unique needs of the individual or family:

  • What is the sitting height of the wheelchair or mobility scooter user?
  • What is the length and width of the wheel chair or mobility scooter?
  • Will the wheelchair user ride in the wheelchair or will s/he transfer to a seat?
  • Will the wheelchair user drive the van and if so, will s/he drive from his/her wheelchair or from the driver’seat?
  • How many members of the family will be affected by this vehicle?
  • Is there a need for the vehicle to be used to tow a trailer or a boat, etc.?

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Video Highlights of BraunAbility and VMI Dodge Caravan Wheelchair Conversion Vans

Types of Side Entry Ramps

Dodge Caravan Wheelchair Van with Manual Foldout Oklahoma

Fold Out Ramps

BraunAbility and VMI both offer options in the side-entry fold out ramp versions of the Dodge Grand Caravan.  BraunAbility offers a power foldout option in the Entervan II and XT model as well as a manual fold out model.  VMI also offers a power foldout in their Summit conversion.

Manual Wheelchair Ramp

Power Fold Out Wheelchair Ramp

Infloor Ramps

BraunAbility and VMI both offer in-floor power ramp options in the Xi (BraunAbility) and Northstar (VMI) models. These lightweight ramps extend to allow easy access to the interior for wheelchairs and scooters.  In the event of failure, the ramp can even be operated manually via a secondary power back-up.

VMI also offers a manual in-floor ramp via their Northstar E model.

Infloor Power Wheelchair Ramp

BraunAbility and VMI Wheelchair Side Entry Van Dimensions

VMI Caravan Wheelchair Vans Dimensions in Oklahoma

*Note: Deduct Approx. 2.5″ if van has overhead rail/DVD System
**Note: Deduct Approx. 3.25″ if van has moon roof

Dodge Grand Caravan Side Entry Wheelchair Vans Oklahoma

Rear Entry Ramps

BraunAbility also offers the Dodge Grand Caravan in rear entry ramp models. Easy-to-use is the highlight of the Dodge Manual Rear-Entry. The new 34” wide manual ramp will easily accommodate the largest of wheelchairs, and there’s enough space to secure two wheelchairs as well. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of parking in a traditional parking space!

Current Dodge Grand Caravan BraunAbility and VMI Wheelchair Accessible Conversion Vehicles For Sale

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