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Wheelchair Vans in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Throughout Oklahoma

Transcript Marcus Newby:  Welcome to Newby-Vance Mobility, Oklahoma’s largest wheelchair van and mobility dealer. Hi, I’m Marcus Newby. We maintain in stock the largest inventory of wheelchair vans in Oklahoma. Our specialty is helping people and families evaluate their needs. Every vehicle has different amounts of headroom, interior width and length. Do you know how […]

Marcus Explains High Tech Driving in a Ram 2500

Transcript Marcus:               Hi guys. Marcus Newby here with Newby-Vance Mobility. Wanted to show you some driving controls that we offer here. This is a wheelchair accessible truck, but I wanted to show you some unique controls that we offer to allow people to drive in a different way. These controls are made by Electronic Mobility […]

PVA and Marlon Brando’s First Movie

What does Marlon Brando’s debut movie have to do with Paralyzed Veterans of America? You will be surprised to see how today’s vets will identify with “The Men”, a classic film made in 1950. It is definitely worth the watch. This writer watched it on an old VCR borrowed from the Mid America PVA office, […]

Bill Kokendoffer, President of Mid America PVA

Bill Kokendoffer loves to tell the history of Paralyzed Veterans of America and specifically the history of the Mid America chapter which serves Oklahoma, southern Kansas and western Arkansas. This year (2019) marks his 44th year in a wheelchair. His life in a chair began before ADA updated access to so many places. He understands […]

Newby-Vance Mobility Offers Wheelchair Van Rentals for Oklahoma Residents

Are you interested in renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van in Oklahoma? Newby-Vance Mobility has a great record of serving mobility challenged Oklahomans with purchases of Wheelchair Accessible Vans and equipment, but they offer a rental service as well. Newby-Vance partners with Wheelchair Getaways to help you with travel and other needs. The highly rated and […]