Ways to Make Your Truck Accessible

Do you love driving a truck but find it difficult getting in or driving due to a certain lack of mobility? Did you know you can convert or add accessories to drive a new, pre-owned or your current truck? Whether you drive your pick up or some other truck for work, play or everyday driving, the mobility experts at Newby-Vance can help you fit your truck with the right accessories so you can drive where you want when you want to. Newby-Vance Mobility has been equipping Oklahomans and the Central Plains area for over twenty-two years. This family-owned business knows how to make almost any vehicle more accessible—including trucks. Here are just a few ways:

New or Pre-owned Accessible Pickups or Trucks

Newby-Vance can convert or accessorize any new or pre-owned truck to fit your particular mobility needs- from getting in or out of your truck, to steering, to loading or transporting a wheelchair, to mobility applications for accelerators and brakes, to electronic driving programs. The experts at Newby-Vance go out of their way to build a long-term relationship with you so you can count on them assisting you with what you need to make your new or pre-owned truck accessible for your unique needs.

Perhaps you simply need to add one or two accessories to make your current pickup or truck more accessible. The Newby-Vance Mobility staff is dedicated to helping you find the correct accessibility product to make a huge difference in your every day life. Check out the following products:

  • Seating- Depending on the make and model of your particular truck, Newby-Vance offers both EVO Seating and Valet Seating by BraunAbility. These seating choices electronically swivel out and lower down, allowing a wheelchair user or ambulatory driver to sit in the chair at ground level seating. With the touch of a button, the seat raises both the driver and seat up and into the driving position.
  • Hand Controls- Newby-Vance offers a selection of hand controls because every driver is unique and needs their own style and tools to drive. The technicians are factory-trained to properly install:
    • Push Rock
    • Right Angle
    • Push Pull
    • Right Hand Gas and Brake
    • Throttle Twist
  • Foot Controls- The knowledgeable staff of Newby-Vance is committed to assisting you with the best fit in foot controls for your needs. They can install:
    • Pedal Extensions
    • Gas & Brake Pedal Guards
    • Gas Only Pedal Guards
    • Left Foot Accelerators
  • Driving Adaptations- There are many ways to make your truck accessible. Ask your Newby-Vance experts about:
    • Steering Spinner Knobs and Steering Controls
    • Hand Control Multi-Function Buttons
    • 4-Way Switches
    • Multi-Function Spinner Knobs
    • Gear Shift Extensions
    • Turn Signal Cross-Overs
    • Parking Brake Extensions
    • Electric Park Brakes

Whether you are ready for a new or pre-owned accessible pickup or truck …or you simply want to equip your present truck with a few accessories, Newby-Vance is ready to serve you in such a way to build a long-term relationship to keep you driving your truck.

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