EZ Lock and B&D Transfer Seat


Hi guys. Marcus Newby here with Newby Vance Mobility. I thought we’d do another video for you today to kind of show a lowered floor minivan with an EZ Lock system and a B&D transfer seat base. This particular van is a pre-owned van and it has some tape on it that the customer, they put on the van themselves to help with someone learning how to get in and out of the van and access an EZ Lock to kind of give them a little bit of a guide to do that. That’s not necessary, but some people like to do that.

This particular chair is a Jazzy 14 and it has tape on the foot rest to match up with the tape on the floor. If you or someone else maybe has a little trouble steering the power chair, this will help guide you and maybe make it a little bit easier.

What you do is just pull up the ramp and on the bottom of this chair is a pin that will match up with the base of the chair to lock you in. You would drive over the EZ lock into the base, swivel and face forward in a riding position to be transported. You can access the receiver belt with your seat belt and buckle in and you are ready to go.

The other option would be is if you want to transfer up into the front passenger seat, you can do that as well. This is a B&D transfer seat base on it and it has three switches. The front switch will bring the chair back, the back switch will rotate the chair and basically what you’re going to try to do is get the power chair and the factory chair  in a position for you to transfer easily. You can use the factory power seat to move it back and depending on how you transfer, how you match them up would vary.

Some people use slide boards to transfer over. Some people just need maybe to get the seat a little closer to them, something to brace themselves on and transfer, swivel around and ride. Leave the power chair in the EZ Lock base to have it secured, so when you’re driving down the highway it’s in a safe mode of transportation. Of course to exit the van, you would do everything we just did in reverse. Transfer out of the seat into the power chair. You would run our B&D seat base forward out of the way. Then, we would turn on our power chair, swivel out the door, push our release button and exit the vehicle.

I hope that gives you guys an idea of how a set up like this would work. It’s actually very popular. A couple of considerations, you have to make sure your chair is compatible to work with a lock like this. Not all chairs are compatible and that’s something you’d want to consult with someone here at Newby-Vance Mobility to make sure you have the right chair or if you’re going to purchase a chair that it is compatible with the lock. Of course, the swivel seat base is something that would be added after the fact as well. Have any questions with that, give us a call here at Newby-Vance Mobility. Thank you.

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