Marcus Explains High Tech Driving in a Ram 2500


Marcus:               Hi guys. Marcus Newby here with Newby-Vance Mobility. Wanted to show you some driving controls that we offer here. This is a wheelchair accessible truck, but I wanted to show you some unique controls that we offer to allow people to drive in a different way. These controls are made by Electronic Mobility Controls out of Maine, EMC. This is called their Ava 2.0 system and we have a couple of inputs here, a steering input, which allows the vehicle to be steered using a small steering wheel with a tri-pin.

Marcus:               We have an input device here which operates the gas and brake using an input here. Here we have a touchscreen which activates the Ava system and you can put the vehicle in gear here. You can roll down the driver’s windows and passenger window. You can operate many of the secondary controls using this touch pad similar to an iPad. This is how the vehicle is put into gear. You can set your park brake here, turn on your headlights, many of the Secondary controls here.

Marcus:               So this is a truck we just finished, and if you have any questions about this or any other type of adaptive driving devices, please give us a call. Again, it’s Marcus Newby with Newby-Vance Mobility at the John Vance Auto Group just north of Edmond.

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