Get to Know David Best and Regina Presley from the PVA in OKC

David Best and Regina Presley from the PVA in OKC


David Best

Regina Presley and David Best

David Best is a former Army Sergeant, who served and was injured in Iraq. He is still serving his country and fellow veterans through Paralyzed Veterans of America. Dave loves everything about his job because he is helping veterans find the resources they need. Being a single dad to two kids (one in Jr. High and the other in college), Dave knows that veteran issues affect the entire family.

Dave takes pride in his often-stressful job, as he finds ways to change vets lives by fixing issues, changing policy to better serve vets, and fighting for the vets who fall through the cracks. Dave knows or can find all the resources available to help the children of vets with college, get the correct insurance benefits for vets, and make sure spouses of vets get their widow’s pension.

He finds it fulfilling to help vets find hope and answer their “Why?” questions. PVA was formed to stand up for vets getting all their benefits and making certain policies are followed properly for vets in Oklahoma. David is located in the Oklahoma City VA hospital, close to all the resources and doctors to ensure the best advocacy for each individual Oklahoma veteran. He has an open-door policy so you can easily contact him by email or phone to make an appointment. Thanks, Dave, for your service and for helping those who served.

Depending on the disability, David, on behalf of PVA, can help get the best prosthetics, braces, auto, mobility vans and devices, housing and medical treatment. One of the reasons David loves his job is he still feels like a platoon sergeant, looking after the brotherhood and helping them find the best quality life.

Regina Presley

Regina Presley

Regina Presley has been on the front lines for PVA for over thirty years now. She is the one who answers the phone at the PVA office located in the VA Hospital at Oklahoma City. When a vet or family member calls the VA looking for help, the hospital operator usually forwards the call to Regina because “She will know.”  Regina feels like God put her on this earth to serve America’s heroes through PVA.

Help comes in the form of knowing available resources, finding qualifying benefits for each vet, ensuring every veteran receives the proper equipment, speaking up for vets in state and federal governing bodies, and simply being a friend who understands. Regina is married but has no children (having lost a child), which means she has spent the lost three decades of her life poured out for her veterans. She has a strong faith that God will use PVA and all she does to help our heroes.

She sees first-hand every single day how PVA improves lives. As Regina says, there is no other organization like PVA which is truly funded by the public and those pleas for help that include address labels. PVA receives absolutely no government funding and never charges a membership fee for our vets. PVA and Regina Presley serve our America veterans right here in Oklahoma City. She is ready to answer your calls!

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