Wheelchair Ramp Styles for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Ramp Styles for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

There are a lot more Wheelchair Ramp options available than ever before when it comes to accessing your van with your personal mobility device. The experts at Newby-Vance Mobility have a great track record in helping you find the very best choice for your particular mobility issue, your make and model of vehicle and the price range you need to stay in. We are absolutely committed to helping you find the very best solution when it comes to equipping your new or preowned vehicle to make it as easy as possible to get around. Learn more about the two major Ramp options for Wheelchair Accessible Vans:

Side-Entry Wheelchair Ramps

Side Entry Wheelchair Ramp

Side-door Ramps are the most popular. The side door opens up and the ramp is extended out to allow quick and easy access in and out the side of your vehicle.

  • Choose from in-floor or foldout versions for Side Entry Ramps.
  • Available in manual or automatic, offering variety in price range and independence needs.
  • The Side Entry can often be operated by your key fob.
  • Ramps can hold 1000 lbs so they can handle the heavy power chairs.
  • Require parking space for the ramp to deploy for access.
  • Ask your Newby-Vance professional to advise you in the best ramp for your particular Van.

Rear-Entry Wheelchair Ramps

Rear Entry Wheelchair Ramp

The rear-entry option offers value and versatility making it another great choice.

  • Often less expensive to install since the floor is already lowered in the rear.
  • Easier to find a parking spot without the worries of extra space needed for a side ramp.
  • Headache-free parking since the ramp deploys from the back of the van.
  • Allows space for two wheelchairs to fit side-by-side, if needed.
  • Ramps hold up to 1000 pounds to handle the heaviest power chair.
  • The wheelchair user will not be able to access the driver seat from the rear.


Contact us at Newby-Vance Mobility where we are dedicated to personal service, building great relationships with our clients and helping you find the best possible ways to move through life.

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