Newby-Vance Mobility, Oklahoma’s Premier BraunAbility Provider for 20 Years

Newby-Vance - The Premier BraunAbility Provider in Oklahoma City

Newby-Vance Mobility is proud to be Oklahoma’s premier provider of BraunAbility products for over twenty years. BraunAbility, the leading mobility company in the world began when Ralph Braun was told by doctors that he had a fatal form of muscular dystrophy. When he grew too large for his dad to carry him piggy-back, and he realized his condition was not fatal, he grew determined to find ways to live as independently as possible despite his inability to walk. Ralph designed the first powered wheelchair. Then when his job transferred him out of state, he renovated a postal Jeep with hand controls and a hydraulic lift to get there. Others began noticing what he was doing. He wanted others to experience the same mobility he had with his ever-growing line of inventions. With that, BraunAbility was born.

Ralph Braun

Ralph Braun

BraunAbility – World Leader in Accessibility Products

Ralph’s innovative designs developed into ever-growing manufacturing of evolving products which gave those with mobility challenges a whole new lease on life. Ralph Braun passed away at the age of 72 in 2013, leaving behind a hand-selected leadership team and dedicated staff who share his vision and his values. BraunAbility’s motto is “Built to Trust.” They grew from a modest small-town operation to a global company with over 1200 employees serving 70 countries. BraunAbility is proud to employ more engineers than any other mobility manufacturer.  When Braun secured his first patent for his “Tri-Wheeler,” the motorized scooter that transported him everywhere, he set the precedent. Now, BraunAbility holds the most patents of any accessible vehicle manufacturer in the world with 33 active patents and dozens pending. Their designs continue to revolutionize the mobility industry and bring innovative new products to improve thousands of lives—one at a time.

Ralph Braun's Jeep Modification

Newby-Vance and BraunAbility Make a Great Team for Oklahoma

When Dr. Jim Newby and John Vance started Newby-Vance Mobility, their mission was to provide everything needed, from a mobility-equipped vehicle to all accessibility products, in one place. BraunAbility was the ultimate choice for providing the very best vehicles to meet every individual’s needs. Dr. Newby had spent his life dedicated to helping improve lives for those with mobility issues so he understood Ralph Braun’s vision.

“We look to Braun as an Executive Secretary.  When we or, especially when a customer is facing a particular issue that requires dealer and manufacturer support, Braun is there.  When a situation calls for it, Braun listens and is available to help us help the customer.  This type of manufacturer support has been a key to customer satisfaction through the years.  Like an Executive Secretary, Braun is always there, ready to respond to us if needed.  And has been for 23 years.”

– Dr. Jim Newby

Now Oklahomans (as well as customers who travel from further) have come to realize the reality of Newby-Vance’s motto: “Big enough to serve you- small enough to know you.” Newby-Vance is committed to developing a personal relationship with each customer so they can provide individualized service for their particular needs with the most innovative BraunAbility designs.

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