Exterior Lifts for Vehicles to Transport your Wheelchair or Scooter


Exterior Lifts For Vehicles

If you are looking for options to carry your wheelchair or mobility scooter on the outside of your vehicle, it is always best to spend the time in determination of your particular needs, and then educate yourself on the available lifts and alternatives.  An Exterior Vehicle Lift offers a means of easily transporting your wheelchair or power scooter, wherever you may go. The type of mobility device, your particular model of vehicle and the size, space and weight limits of both, all help determine your best choice of External Vehicle Lift – most every situation is different. There are some good reasons for carrying your mobility device on the exterior of your vehicle, as compared to the inside.

Benefits of an Exterior Vehicle Lift – Degree of Benefits Vary

  • Leaves more room for passengers and cargo inside your vehicle
  • Sometimes allows you to transport a larger mobility device with a smaller vehicle
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Can be used on Pickup trucks, RVs and long road trips

Exterior Vehicle Lifts, like Interior Vehicle Lifts, Must Be Matched to Your Mobility Device and Vehicle

Back Saver Bruno Manual Wheelchair Lift


Manual Wheelchairs – For easy transport, the Bruno Back-Saver Hitch Mounted Lift can lift a folded manual wheelchair onto the back of your vehicle. There is also a Braun Chair Topper which lifts many conventional folding wheelchairs up and stores it on the roof of your car in an attractive weather proof Chair Topper.

Power Wheelchairs & Scooters – The weight and size of your device coupled with the tongue weight rating of your vehicle will help determine the appropriateness of an exterior vehicle lift. It is best to check with your Newby-Vance professional to get the right fit. Some Exterior Lifts are platform types which fits into a vehicle’s receiver hitch – for example, the Bruno ASL-250. Others lift your wheelchair or scooter with a hoist. Still others carry your wheelchair or power scooter on a Bruno Chariot, a type of lift-trailer hitched behind your vehicle.

Special Vehicle Lifts – Our Newby-Vance professionals can help you find the correct Exterior Vehicle Lift to fit your RV or Pickup Truck. These specialized vehicle lifts allow you to make those long road trips you love or simply to drive the pickup you enjoy. There is even a hoist (PUL-1100) which lifts your mobility device from the driver’s side door up and into the bed of the pickup.

Contact us at Newby-Vance Mobility where we have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of our neighbors in Oklahoma gain the most access to life—the way you want to live it.

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