Advantages of Interior Vehicle Lifts for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Advantages of Interior Vehicle Lifts

What are some of the greatest benefits of having an Interior Vehicle Lift for your manual or powered mobility device?  These helpful accessibility tools will make your life so much easier when it comes to transporting your powered or manual wheelchair or scooter. Newby Vance Mobility in Guthrie, Oklahoma has been committed for over 23 years to making life more rewarding for those who have special mobility needs. If you have a wheelchair or scooter, we can help you figure out how best to take it with you wherever you may go. One of our great Vehicle Lifts can easily help you load and go. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Interior Vehicle Lifts.


There are times when just the thought of trying to physically load a wheelchair or scooter is overwhelming. The right Interior Vehicle Lift should be user-friendly and it must make it a simple and easy task to take your wheelchair or scooter with you.  With the touch of a button, well-chosen Interior Vehicle Lifts do the lifting, loading and unloading for you.

Big Lift Scooter Lift Bruno

Safety for the User and Caregiver

Attempting to physically load or unload a mobility device can create a higher risk for back injury. The awkward or unbalanced handling of the weight and bulk of a manual or powered wheelchair can be an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is one time of lifting and twisting to create a life-altering musculoskeletal injury. A properly chosen Interior Vehicle Lift does the lifting and loading, and reduces your chances of serious personal injury.

Protection for Your Device

An Interior Vehicle Lift protects the valuable investment of your wheelchair or scooter from weather, theft, vandalism, and damage of all types.  The better protection you can provide for your wheelchair or scooter will increase the likelihood of better and more reliable service to you.  Remember the old saying, Take care of it and it will take better care of you!

Many Choices Available

Joey Lift

Check with one of the Newby-Vance professionals to ensure you are choosing the correct Interior Vehicle Lift for your vehicle.  Variables such as the lift’s weight limits and the available interior space of your vehicle is critical to lift determination and selection. Check out our Bruno Interior Vehicle Lifts such as the Joey, the Curb Sider, and the Big Lifter. With 23 years of experience, Newby-Vance Mobility’s experience and knowledge can help you find the very best Interior Vehicle Lift that meets your particular needs.


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