Advantages of Working with a Family Owned Dealership

Advantages of Working With a Family Owned Dealership

There are a lot of reasons to work with a family-owned business and Newby-Vance Mobility offers twice the benefits with two amazing families who teamed up to serve people with special mobility needs. In January 1996, Dr. Jim Newby met with Mr. John Vance and proposed the idea of offering an inclusive automotive-mobility business model which would help customers with special mobility needs have their automotive and their transportation-related mobility needs met, all in a single location of sales and service.  The John Vance Auto Group, owned by Mr. Vance and representing automotive franchises of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, was a perfect fit for the idea of Newby-Vance Mobility – the many lines and choices of vehicles give people choice and selection in a safe and comfortable environment.  Personalized and caring service, literally, is provided by the business family of the John Vance Auto Group and Newby-Vance Mobility.

John Vance and Jim Newby

John Vance and Jim Newby in 2007 – See Article in the Oklahoman

Families Who Care

John Vance and his family have been helping Oklahomans find the perfect vehicle for over 30 years. When Dr. Jim Newby teamed up with the Vance family to start Newby-Vance Mobility, he not only brought all his education, knowledge and expertise of working with those facing physical challenges, Jim brought his family into the business. His son Marcus has been a huge part of this caring team since the year 2000. Now Marcus’ wife, Katie, helps people with who are in need of short term wheelchair van rentals. Both families founded Newby-Vance Mobility with the belief that every person with a mobility challenge has unique and individual needs; and that every person has a right and should be provided an opportunity to lead a quality life.

Marcus Newby

Marcus Newby

Customers Become like Family

It is obvious, reading through the genuinely grateful reviews, that lasting relationships are formed between the Newby-Vance family and their customers. The care and personal service given builds trust as the customers can tell they are truly listened to, cared for and treated right.  The Newby-Vance family enjoys meeting customers, learning their stories and helping them find solutions that will make a huge impact on their everyday lives. The Newby family may not tell you how big of an influence they have on others, but their customers’ reviews tell the story.

Newby-Vance Mobility

Deal Directly With the Newby-Vance Family

Since they are family owned and do not answer to a large corporation, they can speak to you directly and help you with any issues. Their family name and reputation is at stake. Yet it is more than a company. They each enjoy making friends with their customers and their families. It is their life’s work to equip those with mobility issues to be able to obtain as much accessibility as possible through special-equipped vans, wheelchairs, scooters, lifts and much more. The Newby-Vance Mobility family also work to encourage you and your family.


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