Needs Drive All Else When Shopping for Wheelchair Accessible Vans and Mobility Equipment

One of the most satisfying services that Newby-Vance Mobility (NVM) provides to people in Oklahoma and throughout the region is a comprehensive, well-designed assessment of their short and long term needs.  The importance of this is paramount in helping people make informed and quality decisions relative to their transportation-related mobility needs.

All of us are customers of someone, of some business.  Many mobility-related products, including electric scooters, wheel chairs, hand controls, wheelchair accessible vans (WAV), lifts, heck, even mobility parts, can be purchased in many, many different places and businesses, and often times, even on-line.  How does one know that what s/he is purchasing is right for his/her circumstance?

How do people decide what they need?

How do people decide what they need?  And, how do people decide what product is best for them, especially when the product choices are more than one?  As customers, many of us think we know what we need.  More often, we may know what we want, yet, unknowingly, we frequently do not know what we need, or what is available to make our mobility needs be best met.

Newby-Vance Mobility provides guidance via a solid needs assessment

NVM functions on a philosophy that each of us, you, me, your neighbor, our friends and family members, each have needs that are unique and individualized.  With over 22 years of mobility experience under its belt, NVM is uniquely equipped to help its customers make informed decisions that will impact the quality of their lives for years to come.  Without guidance, without knowing exactly what one’s needs are, without a trusting relationship with your business provider, it is very easy to purchase a White Elephant when in fact you need a Brown Camel.

Helping people determine their mobility needs is a personal experience.  Helping people identify the available alternatives to them is crucial to good decision-making.  Helping people make these determinations with confidence and trust is the role that NVM plays in the lives of its customers, and during this process, NVM and its customers develop a long-term relationship based on what is best or most appropriate, for you, the customer.

More often than not a solid needs assessment expands well beyond the immediate person who may need the mobility product in question.  Questions need to be addressed such as:

  • How does this affect the spouse or the significant other? 
  • How does the height or weight of the immediate customer affect product availability and selection? 
  • How much space is needed in the WAV in order for the immediate customer to be able to maneuver safely, and comfortably, once inside? 
  • Does the weight of the scooter or power chair exceed the rated weight lifting capacity of the lift that is under consideration? 
  • What family members will be involved with the use of the WAV, the lift or the special transfer seat? 
  • What physical capabilities are necessary to properly use a particular piece of equipment, for example, a hitch-mounted lift? 
  • What alternatives exist, if any? 
  • What costs are associated with each alternative? 
  • Are you a veteran? 
  • Are you associated with the Department of Rehabilitative Services or similar state agency? 
  • Will you require financing? 
  • Do you plan to trade in your vehicle if you are considering the purchase of a WAV?

What does that one cost?

People often focus on What does that one cost?  Without knowing whether or not that that one even meets their needs.  Obviously, cost is ultimately important, but until a solid needs assessment has been completed, cost doesn’t have much real meaning.  Once cost can be associated with a proper needs assessment, then cost becomes meaningful.  Remember:  Needs First, Family First, Cost Second.

Contact Newby-Vance Mobility today for a comprehensive needs analysis.

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