The Gilreath’s Are Excited About The Freedom Their New Wheelchair Van Provides

Gilreath Mobility Van

Earlier in the year, Mr. and Mrs. Gilreath from Blanchard, Oklahoma, visited us here at Newby-Vance Mobility.  The purpose of their visit was to discuss their transportation-related mobility needs and to talk about the various mobility solutions that Newby-Vance has available.  Every customer has their own set of unique and individual needs and circumstances – needs can be impacted by many, many factors, including family considerations, individual preference and levels of physical challenge.

Mrs. Gilreath has been using a wheelchair for 3 years.  Late in 2016 she broke her ankle due to a fall during a transfer – she spent months in the hospital.  The family’s previous vehicle could no longer meet her mobility needs.  Risk of further injury was a huge consideration.  It was determined that a wheelchair accessible vehicle would reduce the chances of added injury due to transferring from wheelchair to vehicle seat.  Finally, and after considering multiple alternatives, it was determined that a wheelchair accessible van would best serve the family’s needs.

A 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Wheelchair Accessible Northstar Conversion was selected and purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Gilreath – no more risky transfers in and out of a vehicle.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Gilreath preferred that Mrs. Gilreath ride in her wheel chair.  Independence, freedom and security of travel is now simple and user-friendly.

The Gilreath’s have been able to participate in more and more family functions such as attending their grand children’s school activities, and taking them to the movies.  They now enjoy taking long drives to visit friends and relatives.

Mr. Gilreath has some great advice for those who have mobility issues and live in rural communities.  He suggests that “People should check into the various mobility vehicle options by a qualified and caring dealer, especially when it comes to those who live in remote areas. Living in these areas, you often do not have the shopping and entertainment opportunities that you might have in the big cities. Also, many of your healthcare services that you routinely may visit such as doctor appointments or physical therapy often are a good drive away. A good mobility dealer will take into account these various challenges and can guide you through the various options that will fit your own needs, and your pocketbook.”

As always, we encourage a family to have a complete needs analysis to determine the most appropriate solution for the family member that uses a scooter or wheelchair, and, at the same time, taking into account the needs of person, and other family members, who will be transporting or riding with that scooter or wheelchair user. No two wheelchair vans are alike. Door openings, floor space, head room, transfers, community and many other factors must be considered.

Newby-Vance Mobility is proud to have served Oklahoma residents for going on 21 years. Our focus is to help guide our customer’s through the myriad of available options, to help ensure that their investment is flexible in meeting both short and long term needs, and to ensure that the needs of the family as a whole are considered. Contact Newby-Vance Mobility today for a complete needs analysis for you and your family.




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