Vehicle lifts for wheelchairs and scooters will take Oklahoma residents were they want to go

Mobility scooters or power wheelchairs are considered a very convenient and popular way to remain mobile and active in today’s world. Companies who manufacture these kinds of devices offer a number of ways to help people with restricted mobility issues to maintain a great deal of their independence overall. Many scooter or wheelchair users have discovered that they can travel to places they never dreamed of thanks to using today’s cutting-edge mobility technology.

Restricted Mobility
One of the main problems for an individual with restricted mobility is that they often feel limited both inside and outside their home. However, a mobility scooter or an electric wheelchair is an excellent device to enable someone to freely move about. Also, they can allow an individual to experience more independence, free from the ever-watchful eye of a hired nurse or care-giving family member.
Today, anyone with restricted mobility can now travel much more freely due to the technology of both scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts.

Can You Benefit from a Mobility Wheelchair?

Do you have trouble walking and/or standing for long periods of time, or have difficulty using a cane or walker? If this is you, perhaps an electric scooter or wheelchair is right for you. People who deal with ongoing joint pain, like rheumatoid arthritis, can greatly benefit from the use of wheelchair lifts or scooter lifts.

Using a power wheelchair or mobility scooter is one thing, but transporting it is another.

A vehicle lift is a practical, adaptable, and affordable way to transport a mobile device such as a wheelchair or scooter and includes a number of options, features, and styles that can accommodate virtually anyone.

Here are three different lift styles that we here at Newby-Vance Mobility really like by Bruno that are highly recommended in order to help anyone dealing with limited mobility based on their particular needs:


The Curb-Sider is available for almost any type of vehicle and is considered one of the most popular choices for transporting and lifting powerchairs or scooters inside a vehicle with the use of a convenient, easy-to-use hoist. Simply connect the handy docking device, push a button, and watch the Curb-Sider easily lift and store your device (up to 400lbs.) with its minimal, compact design.




Unsurpassed safety, high-quality engineering, and supreme ease-of-use describes the modern-day vehicle lift known as the Joey. Simply drive your device right onto the safe platform, press the button and the Joey will lift your scooter or wheelchair and gently tuck it away into a full-sized van or mini-van. Lifting and storing your powerchair or scooter is incredibly easy using the Joey.



The Out-Sider exterior lift lets you maintain every inch of the interior space of your vehicle for both cargo and seating while transporting your mobility device. The dependable, durable, and safe design of the Out-Sider stores and transports your powerchair or scooter on the outside of your vehicle rather than the inside and is available for virtually every kind of vehicle. You can easily and quickly gain access to all the cargo space you need by adding the convenient ‘Swing Away’ option if you like.



Thanks to the innovative technology of vehicle lifts today, you can easily transport your powerchair or scooter no matter how far you intend to travel or how long you intend to stay. A vehicle accessibility lift allows anyone to conveniently store their mobility device in their vehicle while enjoying the great outdoors and scenery from the comfort of their truck, SUV, or mini-van. Newby-Vance Mobility has installed many vehicle lifts for both wheelchairs and scooters for residents all over Oklahoma. If you own or are considering acquiring a mobility device, please be assured that we can provide the lift necessary so that you can get out and enjoy all the activities life has to offer. Contact us today for more info.

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