Leanna’s Family Loves The Ease Of Traveling In Their New Wheelchair Van

Families with a child in a manual or power wheelchair often experience major challenges when they get out and about in the community.  As a child grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to go places due to the challenge of lifting the child into a vehicle and then load the wheelchair into the vehicle.  A manual wheelchair can weigh as much as 50 pounds while a power chair can easily exceed 250 pounds.  Having multiple siblings in the family can really amplify these challenges.  A wheelchair accessible vehicle can help make daily living so much easier.

Leanna recently purchased a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan with a BraunAbility conversion from Newby-Vance Mobility.  This purchase only happened after an in-depth needs analysis that helped the family determine its short and long term needs and subsequently select the wheelchair accessible vehicle that would best meet the needs of the family as a whole.

“Cole, our youngest of 3 boys, was born with cerebral palsy and unable to walk. When he was smaller we could use a car with a regular car seat.  As he got older and his independence came from using a powerchair and a walker, Newby-Vance Mobility installed a lift on our older conversion van. In 2016 we knew our van wouldn’t last much longer and the lift was no longer sufficient for our needs (we didn’t want our son exposed to bad weather while waiting for the lift to be lowered, him loaded, and waiting while the lift was raised) and as he gets older and heavier, it is more difficult to lift him ourselves, so we went back to Newby-Vance Mobility to see our options.”

A big part of need consideration was that they are always traveling to their middle son’s baseball games.  They also love going on vacation road trips to see family and friends – comfort was important.  A lowered floor minivan would allow the family to easily roll Cole’s wheelchair into the vehicle and properly secure it, thus allowing Cole to ride in his chair while traveling.  This option gives Cole the support he needs via his wheelchair seating system yet leaving plenty of space for rest of the family.

“Having our new accessible van with a ramp has been a life saver!! There’s nothing better than being able to lower the ramp on our way to the van when it’s pouring rain or super windy in freezing temperatures and be able to roll our son into the van to get him and his costly equipment out of the elements! We are able to fit both his walker and chair without breaking down the walker and it’s great to have a little privacy with plenty of room for changes when we are out.”

The best part of what we do here at Newby-Vance Mobility is being able to work with amazing families and help them be more independent in their travels.  We focus on individual family needs and help tailor a vehicle to those special needs.  Newby-Vance Mobility has provided thousands of mobility solutions for families and individual customers across the region over the last 21 years; Newby-Vance will be here over decades to come.  This long foundation of local service gives families a peace of mind and sense of security that cannot be easily duplicated.

“If you are looking for accessible mobility, I would suggest always going to Newby-Vance Mobility! They can offer multiple options to fit your needs and they become more than just another dealership!”

Thanks Leanna, enjoy your travels!

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