Rauch Family Enjoys Independence With Their BraunAbility Wheelchair Van

Newby-Vance Mobility loves providing mobility solutions for our customers and how much a wheelchair accessible van can bring great freedom and independence to those in need of the right mobility solution. Our customers have very inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges throughout their lives. This is the best part of what we do, getting to know the amazing people and families here in Oklahoma.

One such customer is Mr. David Rauch, from Stillwater, OK who recently purchased a wheelchair accessible van from Newby-Vance Mobility. David has hobbies such as being outside on nice days on his patio feeding and watching birds. He also likes to watch classic older movies and working crosswords and cryptogram puzzles. When it is time go somewhere such as out to a restaurant, or shopping, obviously he wants to just be able to easily get into a vehicle and not worry about that aspect being the most stressful part of the trip.

Mr. Rauch is a Polio survivor. He contracted Polio when he was only 13 months old, in 1954. In his late forties he began dealing with the late effects of polio. He went from needing no assistance to cane, walker, wheelchair, scooter, to power chair and now to a wheel chair accessible vehicle.

With the progression of the late effects of polio and moving to heavier scooters, manual and power wheelchairs there was a need for an adapted vehicle to transport this equipment. Loading these heavy items was no longer an option for him or his wife. A wheelchair accessible van provides all the independence for Mr. Rauch and his wife to easily get into the van as well as drive with comfort and security.

After taking into consideration the needs of the Rauch family such as the size of his scooter and wheelchair, transfer capabilities and other needs, it was determined that the Chrysler Town and Country Limited with a BraunAbility Entervan II conversion was the ideal fit.

According to Mr. Rauch, the new wheelchair accessible van will make transport much easier for him and his wife. It gives them so much more confidence to go places and maybe even travel more.

Mr. Rauch’s advice to families and others in similar situations, “Don’t allow any disability to keep you from getting assistance or necessary equipment to have as much freedom to get around as you desire or are able. We use to just not go places because it was so difficult for everyone to deal with.” We are very excited about the opportunities for Mr. Rauch and his wife to enjoy this freedom with their new vehicle.

“We have purchased all of our vehicles for over 30 years from John Vance Motors, and now Newby-Vance Mobility since the dealership opened in Guthrie, OK. They have always taken care of us with all of our transport needs.” Thanks Mr. Rauch! It has been a pleasure serving you.

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