Mrs. Morton’s Accessible Vehicle Provides Independence

Providing mobility equipment for customer vehicles can be a life changer. We always love to hear how these products can make a difference in our customer’s lives and hear the stories about how these products can allow them to continue to do the things they enjoy most. We are also amazed by the triumphs of our customers over the many challenges they have faced throughout their lives.

One such great customer is Mrs. Morton, from Piedmont, OK. She has many hobbies she enjoys including quilting and sewing, so much so that she has a dedicated room in her house for this hobby. They have a trailer that they like to take to the lake where her husband loves to fish. Their wheelchair lift allows them to easily load the wheelchair into their truck so that they can continue to do the things they enjoy. The hand controls we installed in her truck allows her to run errands, go shopping and do other activities that she loves, independently. Here are a few questions we had for Mrs. Morton:

In what ways do you think your accessible vehicle will change your life?

“I no longer have to depend upon someone to come and get me to go where I need or want to go.. I can take myself to the doctor, to Church, to sewing clubs and go over to a friends house and sew with her. I do know my limits though, I don’t try to get out in bad weather, whether it be ice or rain…… Meaning I don’t start out in rain.. and with ice, is a NO BRAINIER. don’t go..”

What advice would you give to others?

“No matter what your limits are, don’t be discouraged, (there is always someone worse than you ) and learn to live the best you can with what you have… I learned how to sew differently than others.. If you want to bad enough there is a way…”

Tell us your story and what you liked about working with Newby-Vance Mobility

“I came across Marcus at Newby-Vance Mobility by way of the business… In that,the company that I used to work for, supplied Newby-Vance with batteries for motorized wheelchairs when needed..then when my life took a change and I suddenly found myself in a wheelchair, I called upon Marcus to help me decide what I needed… MARCUS took the time to spend over 45 minutes on the phone with me, telling me all the things I needed to know, and even went to the extent of telling me where and how I could get a job once again. and how I could apply. Well, at my age, 60+, it was useless to try to find a job that would pay me to work.”

“So, the thing that won me over, was the fact that Marcus took the time to talk to me over the phone. 45 minutes on the phone with a “potential customer” can turn into a sale later on, no matter how far down the road it may be… Now, because of the amount of debt that I encountered, it did take me a while to be able to get a vehicle to drive and have the equipment installed on it. ”

“I did talk to the other company in OKC about a vehicle, but they did not even want to talk to me and visit with me to help me. Marcus was willing to look up stuff and help me get back to the work force had I wanted to . Fortunately for me it was more advantageous to file for disability and get on with my life.”

Newby-Vance Mobility is here to help

Newby-Vance Mobility has many product solution for your vehicle, no matter what your challenges are when it comes to being able to enjoy your community, events, school or other activities outside your home. From a simple spinner knob/hand controls for your vehicle to a wheelchair accessible van with transport or seating options for simple transfers, we got you covered. If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to enjoy all those activities in your community, be sure to contact us at Newby-Vance Mobility. Jim and Marcus are ready to help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

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